MyCloud Televes

Centralized management of field meters

Mycloud is the measurement portal that centralizes the management of all your MOSAIQ6 meters in Televes cloud through a unique interface accessible from any device.


Mycloud offers a web environment accessible from any device with internet connection, where you can consult and configure all the meters registered under the same user account.

It allows real time management over the online meters, as well as programming configurations for the offline meters. Mycloud sincronices bidirectionally with the meters connected to the internet, to send a configuration to the unit or to receive data from it.

Mosaiq6 Televes

What MyCloud allows to do

Mycloud provides limitless access to all your MOSAIQ6 meters, whether in real time, or over the data achieved from last synchronisation carried out last time the meter was on line.

The main functionalities the portal allows you to do remotely are:

Access to basic information

Serial number, software version, last synchronisation and overall meter state

Download data

Reports and measurements performed during the day

Configuration consult and modification

Channel plans, quality profiles, SCR frequencies and user profiles

Access MyCloud portal: enter your user account – the one you used to register your meters
Status and information of every meter, all in one glimpse
General information overview of each meter
Display your measurement history in a calendar layout
Check and download stored measurement records
Detailed information on every measurement record
Easily manage every channel plan of the meter
Change quality profiles for each standard

What benefits provides

User friendly

Manage one and all of your meters through the same intuitive menus which the user is already used to work with

24 hours movility

Access any time via internet to all your available units (online), or to the data from last synchronisation (offline)


Enhance collaboration between meter users, sharing in real time configuration changes (online) or programming them for a future synchronisation (offline)

Flexibility anywhere

Connect from any device, thanks to responsive interface which perfectly adapts to any device with web browser

And remember! If field work does not allow the meter to be connected to the internet, don't you worry, your configurations will be safe in our cloud until it is back on line.

How to get

To start using MyCloud portal and manage the meters, it is necessary to have registered them before under the same Televes user account and connect them to the internet to begin with the first synchronisation. From there on, manage and configure the MOSAIQ6 is as simple as entering MyCloud.

The access to MyCloud is a free service in Televes cloud, for MOSAIQ6 meter users.